Advisory from University during CORONO Virus Outbreak

Dear Students, 

During this Pandemic situation where COVID -19 continues to spread across the globe, including India, we urge that you should follow the advisory from the Centers for Disease Control, WHO, and Local health and government authorities, majorly


We understand that, since you all are away from your homes and family, it’s obvious to get sucked into a panic.
However, you all are aware that as per the current update, the spread of the disease in Kyrgyzstan is negligible as compared to the rest of the world, including your home country (India).
Lately, you all have shared your concerns and were expecting to be flown back to India so that you could join your families back home. But practically this was impossible due to the following obstacles: 

a)All the major airlines commuting b/w Bishkek and India had declared no operation almost a week back.

b )Transportation of all Indian students who are in Kyrgyzstan (practically 15000) who are studying in various institutes was not feasible in such a short duration by the government. 

c) The university management also discussed and is still in discussions with the Embassy on drafting a contingency plan in case the situation worsens.

Which includes both
􀀍 Shifting of students to India,
􀀍 As well as local health care support in the interim.

Therefore it’s essential to remain calm and manage your emotions.
Please refrain from spreading misinformation through rumors and gossips amongst your fellow students or even back home to your parents/families.
We are taking all possible measures to ensure your safety and well being through the foil owing:– 

a) Ensuring enough stock of food materials being stocked at our mess. 

b) Routine cleanliness and close supervision of hygiene measures in the university, mess, and hostel premises.

c) Provisions of hand sanitizers, disinfectants, face masks, etc.

d) Implementation of distance learning to ensure no academic work is compromised.

e) Hosting rigorous awareness sessions to educate about prevention, managing risk, and what is expected of students by our staff and management authorities.

Non-Hostel Residents:

The students who are not residing in hostels are also advised to follow the measures about sanitation, hygiene, and self-quarantine.
Also, ensure you stock all necessary household items, including groceries, for at least a month.


As advised by the Government of Kyrgyzstan, any citizen local or international who doesn’t obey the self-quarantine rules/ guidelines defined by the government will be liable to pay a fine of 300,000 COMS or five-year imprisonment as deemed fit by the government.
We reiterate to avoid circulation of any misconceptions, false news, or myths related to the disease or its effects.
Make sure you follow all the guidelines/advisory shared by the local government, university, and management.
Also, kindly do not disturb the management with a common query related to your transfer to India, because both the local government as well as the Indian government has currently barred all international flight’s operations. Hence we are unable to do much in the current scenario.
Whenever it is imperative to take more aggressive steps owing to the deterioration of the current situation, management will receive timely and required measures to ensure the utmost safety and security of all ISM students.
I am anticipating the cooperation and support of all aspiring Medicos to educate the community and fight the disease during this challenging situation.