The structure of the ISM is designed according to the principles that correspond to international standards for medical, educational institutions. Such an organization of the medical school permits us to conduct foreign and domestic policy in line with the laws of transparency, academic integrity. It enables staff, faculty, and students of the ISM to take part in many aspects of the life of the university. At present, structurally, the ISM has nine administrative departments and 12 academic departments.

The implementation of higher education programs is ensured by highly-qualified personnel with professional primary higher education, academic degrees, and clear titles. There are 168 teachers in the ISM, including 81 teachers with academic standards (48%).

There are 12 departments of our school, which include primary and clinical fields:

  1. Department of Humanities 
  2. Department of Public Health
  3. Department of Natural Sciences Disciplines
  4. Department of Surgery
  5. Department of Fundamental Disciplines
  6. Department of Special Clinical Disciplines  
  7. Department of Introduction to Internal Medicine
  8. Department of Internal Medicine
  9. Department of Pathology
  10. Department of Macro&Micro Anatomy
  11. Department of Pediatrics, Gynecology&Obstetrics
  12. Department of Infectious Diseases
  13. Department of Cardiac Surgery & Invasive Methods