International School Of Medicine Bishkek Kyrgyzstan World Ranking


Ranking and Recognition of International School Of Medicine (ISM):

Country rank 22
World rank 10801

When it comes to knowing about Country ranking & World ranking, International School Of Medicine has been at 22th and 10801th position gradually.

Though there is no official ranking given for ISM, there are some websites that have given ranking to this college. These websites give the following information of International School Of Medicine Ranking.

ISM World Ranking by 4icu:

  • Country Rank: 22
  • World rank: 10801

ISM World Ranking by Webometrics:

  • World rank: 22212
  • Presence Rank: 15794
  • Impact rank: 21970
  • Openness Rank: 5963
  • Excellence Rank: 6683

KSMA World Ranking by Unipage:

  • World rank: 13386
  • Country Rank: 15

Identity Of University:

NameInternational School Of Medicine
NameМеждународный университет Кыргызстана
AcronymIUK (International University Of kyrgzystan)

Admission Helpline

+996776453809 (Whatsapp)

International School of Medicine- The International University Of Kyrgyzstan located in Bishkek, established in 1993 by a special Proclamation of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic № 74 that presented the university the status of an international higher education institution. The International School of Medicine ISM, IUK University of Kyrgyzstan is offering MBBS ( 5.5 years Degree ) & MD Degree in English Medium. Ranking of International School of Medicine ISM is 22th in Kyrgyzstan as a structural division of IUK was founded in 2003. The necessary foundation for corporation of the school was a strategy of improving Kyrgyz education system and increasing competitiveness of domestic universities, which resulted in the central importance of International School Of Medicine administration and faculty being focused on the creation of a modern dynamic educational institution that can provide high-quality training and has competitive potentials in the medical education market.