International School Of Medicine East Campus (Bishkek)

 International School Of Medicine East Campus is a structural unit of the International School of Medicine. The Campus is located in the east part of Bishkek. The Campus organizes its activity with Central Campus. The Campus grants five years of MD Degree program in General Medicine.

The Campus has Administration assumptions, ISM Dean’s office, International Affairs Department, Medical Clinic, and Hostel for Students. The infrastructure of Campus and Medical Clinic includes a full set of facilities and teaching tools, which is necessary for the practice of medical students.

The Primary Mission of University:

The fundamental purpose of the university is to train highly qualified specialists, conduct scientific research in medicine of mountains, provide health services to the population of the Kyrgyz Republic and neighboring countries. Training at International School Of Medicine is undertaken with the most up-to-date educational technologies used to ensure the highly effective practice of doctors. The ISM’s primary goal is to produce highly qualified doctors able to work in any place of the globe successfully.

International School Of Medicine East Campus is the modern dynamical higher educational institution of a new formation focused exclusively on the export of medical establishment. Owing to a combination of current approaches to training and traditions of the Soviet educational system, International School Of Medicine provides a high quality of professional practice and possesses high competitive potential in the market of medical formation.

International School Of Medicine is one of the top higher educational institutions in Kyrgyzstan, where the program with the medium of instruction is English. As a part of International University of Kyrgzystan, the International school of medicine has signed the Bologna agreement (EU), which sets up single and common European educational standards.