The arrangement of the ISM is organized according to main principles and international criteria for the medical, educational institution. Such structure of the school performs it possible to modify foreign and domestic educational policies in line with the three main principles of our school: Equity, Excellence and Transparency and covers the way for ISM administration, faculty, and students to participate in many aspects of university life.

Thus, International School Of Medicine has nine administrative and 12 academic departments.


He’s aided by five VICE-RECTORS, each of them appointed to oversee specific areas of ISM activity.

ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT conducts the entire scope of financial operations ensuring active ISM daily educational and research activities.

ACADEMIC AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT deals with undergraduate and postgraduate applications and is responsible for guiding students during their studies.

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT handles the entire scope of international work and oversees various international projects implemented by ISM structural divisions.

STUDENT AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT keeps all the records (financial and academic performance related, etc.) of all ISM students and is primarily responsible for processing and issuing various academic documents to students.

DEAN OFFICE is primarily responsible for overseeing school’s academic operations, managing students and making relevant educational decisions. It serves as a connection between students, faculty, and administration.

HR DEPARTMENT handles human resources and oversees various aspects of employment, such as compliance with labor law and employment standards, administration of employee benefits, and some issues of recruitment and dismissal.

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION CENTER works directly with students in terms of guaranteeing their legal stay in Kyrgyzstan, namely registration of their passports and making visa arrangements. The Center whenever needed or at their requests also issues various papers, records certifying to their being actual ISM students.

QUALITY DEPARTMENT The department deals with the design, implementation, operational support and enhancement of the quality management system of education. The main tasks of the department are the improvement of documentation as well as regulatory and methodological documents of the quality management system; development of assessment tools and technologies for monitoring and evaluating the quality of education, identification of education quality problems and implementation of measures to eradicate them, jointly with the structural units of the university, etc.

  • Ph.D. DEPARTMENT: Provides young scientists with the disciplinary background and skills required to contribute to the development of our understanding and changing the ways to measure, maintain, and enhance the health of people. The Department ensures duly involvement of Ph.D. learners in a highly focused area of research reflecting scholarship at the doctoral level, who are exposed to a broad view of public health as seen in the different research curiosities of the department`s faculty.