ISM IUK Tokmok Campus

ism iuk tokmok campus

 International School Of Medicine Tokmok Campus (ISM IUK Tokmok Campus) is a structural unit of the International School of Medicine. The Campus is located in Chuy Valley in the east part of Bishkek. The Campus coordinates its activities with Central Campus. The Campus provides five years of MD Degree program in General Medicine.

The mission of the ISM IUK Tokmok Campus is the training of globally recognized, free-thinking professionals who are open to change and able to modify knowledge into values ​​for the benefit of the development of society


General Information of ISM IUK Campus:

The institutional department is one of the main structural divisions of the university. The educational department was created to organize the educational process according to higher education programs and ensure the conditions for its improvement. It performs the tasks of preparation and organizing the educational process in all forms of training, developing normative documentation for educational and educational-methodical work, diagnosing the educational process, statistical processing of certification results, compiles the university’s summary statistical reports on the student contingent movement, the university’s annual educational and methodological report work.

All the problems of preparation and approval of curricula, schedules of the educational process are met in the educational department and with its direct participation. The educational department prepares packages of documents on licensing, certification and accreditation of the university, prepares materials on the rating assessment of the university and specialties, monitors the planning and implementation of the teaching load of the teaching staff.

The educational department in its work closely interacts with faculties and departments, the Teaching and Methodological Council, the editorial and publishing department, the information and technical center, etc. This helps to improve the quality of managerial and organizational activities.


The main goal of the actions of the Training Department is to improve and efficiently plan, organize, manage and control the educational process in the IACR based on the joint activities of the leading, faculty, teaching support, administrative and business staff and students training high-qualified specialists based on credit technology following the Strategy for the Development of Education in the Kyrgyz Republic for 2012 – 2020.

Activities of the Training Department:
  • current planning, organization and control of the educational process;
  • improvement of normative documentation regulating the educational process;
  • organization of intercommunication of structural factors in the extension of the basic educational documentation of the university;
  • formation of reports on the implementation of educational programs and the educational process at the university;
  • control of the planning and actual implementation of the teaching load by the teaching staff;
  • maintaining the personal files of students and organizing paperwork about education;
  • analysis, synthesis of information for the preparation of decisions of the administration for the management of the educational process;
  • analysis of the educational process, the results of examination sessions and final state certification.
  • Conducting analysis and decision-making on the results of the survey.
The principal tasks of the department are:
  • plans, organizes and controls the educational process of all forms of training;
  • organizes and supervises the practice of students;
  • forms and maintains a database on the contingent of students of all forms of training;
  • plans and organizes advanced training of teaching staff;
  • carries out all types of reporting on the educational activities of the university;
  • coordinates the implementation and use at the faculties of a point-rating system of education and assessment of student performance;
  • carries out the collection and verification of documentation for the rating of teachers’ activities and the establishment of monthly salary increases from the incentive payments fund;
  • carries out work on the transition to a level education system;
  • develops plans for the introduction of innovative technologies, active and interactive teaching methods in the educational process and coordinates this work;
  • collects and provides materials for licensing and accrediting a university;
  • carries out regular checks of compliance with labor discipline by teachers, student attendance, accounting and optimization of the use of the classroom fund, control of class schedules, etc.